Visiting for the first time?

We know that for a first time visitor to a Church it can be a strange, sometimes daunting experience but we hope this page offers some reassurance about what happens at Penketh Methodist Church services.

We really look forward to meeting you!

What will happen?  When you enter the building you will find The Chapel to your left. Alternatively, the service you are attending may be held in The Chestnut Room. You will find this through the second set of double doors to your right. Just follow the signs to ‘Toilets’ and you can’t miss it!

What should I wear?  Provided its decent, wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Some people feel the need to wear their best suit and tie; others feel more comfortable in a pair of denims. In the hot weather you may want to wear shorts!

Sit anywhere you like!  Other than the obvious places like at the organ on the stage or at the sound desk.  If you are unfamiliar with PMC, it may be good to sit near the back then you can observe what’s happening and you’ll feel more comfortable.

PMC people are welcoming!  Someone may approach you and say “Hello”. Some people like this, others just want to be left alone – if we get it wrong for you personally, just politely let us know.  We won’t have meant to offend you.

Who is in charge of hosting the service?  Generally they are  conducted by Ministers, Local Preachers and/or and Worship Leaders.  Call everyone by their first name if you know it.  Refer to the Minister as “minister” if you feel uncomfortable on first name terms.

Communion  Holy communions is where everyone is invited to get a small piece of bread and a tiny glass of wine.  At PMC the wine is NON-alcoholic. There is great significance in this “ceremony” but basically it reminds us of Jesus – it’s a great blessing to receive it. Everyone is invited to have communion at Penketh – you don’t need to be a Methodist, be baptised, confirmed or anything else but it’s not compulsory and no one will think bad of you if you give it a miss.

The wine is non-alcoholic and the bread is ordinary white bread.  If food intolerance is preventing you from having communion then contact us before the service.  We’ll check out the ingredients and try to obtain suitable goods.

The Peace  Every so often the worship leader will invite everyone to shake hands or say “Peace be with you” to the people around them.  You may feel awkward in a room of strangers but relax and just say “Hello”.

Leaving part way through a service  It is perfectly OK to leave the service part way through.  The toilets are clearly signposted and when you’ve got to go – you’ve got to go – so go!  If you fancy a glass of water – just go and get one from the table in the Foyer.

Money  There is usually a collection taken at each worship service. As a first time visitor, feel free not to contribute to the collection or contribute if you wish – it is entirely up to you.  Just pass the collection plate on. We need to take a collection as this is our main source of income; in the UK the Church gets no government or council money. We can’t tell you how much to give – that is entirely up to you, but we urge you to give what you feel happy to give – no more, no less. The money pays for our Minister, for resources and the upkeep of the buildings.

Refreshments  After the service you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits.  Just follow the crowd.

Alcoholic Drinks  Penketh Methodist Church does not allow any alcoholic drinks onto the premises.  This applies to private functions, meetings – everything.  Please do not bring any alcoholic drinks to Penketh Methodist Church.

Follow Up Card  If you want someone to contact you after the service to follow up on your first visit, then complete a Contact Card or talk to a Steward.  Contact cards are found in the in the foyer.