‘Lord, teach us to pray’

That request was put to Jesus by his own disciples – which should encourage us if we feel we don’t know how to pray. They needed help, and so do we, especially at troubled times.

But there isn’t just one right way to pray – what works well for one person may not for another.¬†God already knows what is in our hearts and minds. We can be honest with God, and say exactly how we feel, or even just sit in silence¬† It might help to find a quiet space. You may want to be on your own, but you may also find that it helps to join other people.

You may find that you can say just what you want to, using your own words. But many people find it helpful to use written prayers. You may find the ‘Prayer Hand’ (see below) is a useful place to start your prayers.




If you feel you would like to share some prayer time with others Penketh Methodist Church holds an informal guided 15 minute prayer time at 8.30am usually Monday to Thursday. (see Notice Sheet to confirm days). Everyone is welcome. Or text a prayer to TEXT4PRAYER 07452 958955